At meetings, those who are able to attend will be divided into pairs and given a topic. Each person will be assigned a side and approx 5 min to prepare their argument. Each pair will debate, alternating turns for first arguments and rebuttals (generally in a 4min-4min, 2min-2min format).

Spring Semester:
Sunday March 27th at 11:30am in Room 105
The Hamline Law Debate Society will host its spring meeting with food provided (TBD). At the meeting, org business will be first on the agenda: nominations and elections of officers, setting the first meeting of the Fall. Next, the Debate Society will offer its members the opportunity to practice trial skills for those participating in Trial Advocacy this year. The members present will provide feedback for those who choose to practice. This meeting is open to all (please RSVP to if you are certain to attend for the purpose of ordering adequate food). Thanks!